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Project Manager & Organizer?

Andy Can!

  • Renovation project management
  • Home upgrade solutions
  • Online research & shopping
  • Home sales assistance
  • Kitchen planning & IKEA
  • Airbnb services
  • Home decluttering & consultation
  • Moving & relocation services


Andy Can!

  • To-Do-List services
  • Basic electric & plumbing
  • Painting & wallpaper
  • Deck, fence & floor repair
  • Art & shelf installation
  • Furniture assembly & IKEA
  • Mount TV & hide cables
  • Door & window repairs

Property Maintenance?

Andy Can!

  • Interior & exterior inspection
  • Subscription maintenance plans
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Move-in, move-out inspection
  • Rain gutters & windows
  • Storm prep & clean up
  • Power wash service
  • Garden irrigation & fountains
  • Pathways & lighting
  • Outdoor furniture & grill
  • Equipment servicing

Estate Manager?

Andy Can!

  • Operational manager of property
  • Oversee renovations & maintenance
  • Coordinate staff & contractors
  • Guest & Airbnb services
  • Maintain household inventory
  • Personal assistant work
  • Shopping & online research
  • Vehicle upkeep 

Home Watch Services?

Andy Can!

Santa Barbara Handyman
  • Services for absentee homeowners
  • Detailed inspections & security visits
  • Local point of contact
  • Inspection reports & photos
  • Guest & Airbnb services
  • Organized repairs & maintenance
  • Severe weather-event services
  • Arrival & departure preparation
  • Clear mailbox & forward

Personal Chef & Culinary Tutor?

Andy Can!

  • Private in-home cooking
  • Wellness chef
  • In-house cooking classes
  • One-on-one cooking tutorials
  • Kids’ cooking party
  • Family-fun cooking event
  • Finger food & charcuterie boards

Why Choose Andy Kegler Home Solutions?

Property Maintenance

So Happy with Andy’s work! Love his work ethic.

Matt S.


Andy completed my To-Do List.
The best!

 Marguerite A.

Handyman services

Andy takes care of my home when I travel.
He is reliable and can fix any issues himself.

Angela M.

Home Watch Services

We enjoyed the best dinner – cooked by Chef Andy.
We will hire him again!

 Terry M.

Professional, reliable, and a good communicator. Excellence from start to finish and everything in between. Andy will get the job done, and you will be a happy customer throughout.

We hire Andy Kegler Home Solutions for his project management, cooking skills, and Home Watch services (when we are out of the country).

Andy’s is your go-to company when your drywall is curing, the paint is drying…and you want to throw a party, an event, or a delicious dinner. I have hired Andy for all of the above; booking in advance is recommended.

Janusz Z., Santa Barbara

My husband and I depend on Andy to care for our property; he does a fantastic job. It is no longer a burden not to have handyman skills ourselves! He can fix and upgrade so many different things himself and, at the same time – as our regular property maintenance person – has the integrity to say when it’s better to get another expert.

Last year, our washing machine had developed a leak, ruined both the floors and the space under the house. Andy assessed the situation thoroughly, and it was incredibly relaxing to have him organize the electrician and a plumber and oversee all repairs. We feel safe knowing our house is in his caring hands.

Veronique Heirman, Santa Barbara

I highly recommend Andy. I have known him for a long time and always experienced positive results. Besides being punctual and courteous, he can fix anything, is highly creative, and is open to your ideas and suggestions. I love how he transformed my home, from painting and wallpapering to hanging awnings, installing an odd-shaped a/c unit, and setting up electronics… you name it, he really can do it all.

On top of that? A masterful party chef! Andy is a joy to work with.

Bonnie Kendzia, Santa Barbara

Before Andy hosted a cooking party at our house, I was a no-go when it came to cooking, with no understanding of the magic that can happen during the process. With his know-how, humor, patience, and an understanding of the goal (a healthful, tasty vegetarian meal), Andy taught with ease, and I now create my own tasty meals that can please a crowd.

And… seeing the care that goes into his work, we asked Andy if he could beautify our primary bathroom (wallpaper and paint). In short… Andy has become our all-around secret weapon!

Caroline Grauwiler, Santa Barbara

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Andy Kegler Home Solutions on multiple endeavors. Andy’s meticulous and comprehensive approach to project assessment and adept communication skills are commendable. He is consistently committed to delivering exceptional results while adhering to budgetary constraints and timelines. 

Working with Andy has been consistently enriching, embodying a spirit of collaboration and excellence.

Andy Franz, Goleta

I have hired Andy for his Home Watch services and also enjoyed his cooking on many occasions. He is so astoundingly versatile. Once, while gone, there was a water leak. If unattended, it would have ruined my house. It was all fixed with his care at my return, like nothing had happened. In these times of floods and fires, regular maintenance preparations are needed. It is a relaxation for me to know that he is watching over my house, taking better care than I could.

Meanwhile, my friends and I have enjoyed many meals Andy has cooked for us. I highly recommend his vegetarian meals.

Cristiana Pandolfo, Santa Barbara

Handyman and Property Maintenance

The Andy Who Can Is One Text Or Phone Call Away.