Your Question. Andy’s Solution.

How to get started?

  1. You can text or call Andy or submit a request via email on this site.
  2. You receive a phone consultation or schedule an onsite viewing.
  3. Your project, event, or service gets scheduled.

And then…

  1. Andy provides updates as the work proceeds and when it is completed.
  2. Easy online payment system and cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle are available.

Can I get an estimate or price quote for my project, meal, or class?

Yes, you can. Text or call Andy so he can show you how competitive his prices are and how well-thought-out, thorough, solid, and detailed his services are.  

Andy can provide a more accurate and detailed quote outlining the scope of work after meeting with you in person and seeing the details of your event, guests, or home needs. Onsite/in-person quotes will be billed at the hourly rate for that service and will be subtracted from your final invoice. 

Estimates provided by are based on the information available at the time of assessment. Actual costs may vary based on unforeseen circumstances or additional services required.

Any additional materials or services not outlined in the original estimate will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.

What are your fees? Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

 fees vary depending on the nature of Andy’s service and the size of your project. 


The easiest way to engage Andy is to call to make your appointment. Andy has a One-hour minimum for any service.

is operating Monday-Friday 8.00 am-5.00 pm.
Weekends, holidays, emergency calls, and hours after 6:00 pm are billed at one-and-a-half times Andy’s hourly rate (unless specified otherwise in your estimate).
Easy online payment systems, cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle, are available.

By Project:

If you want to utilize various services and/or if it is your preference, Andy can bill by the project according to an approved estimate.

is operating Monday-Friday 8.00 am-5.00 pm.
Weekends, holidays, emergency calls, and hours after 6:00 pm are billed at 1.5 Andy’s hourly rate (unless specified differently in your estimate).
Easy online payment systems, cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle, are available.

Which method is best for you? Give Andy a call, and he can discuss this with you.

Materials or items need to be purchased. How does this work?

Andy does have many supplies in his van and will bill you for the materials used on your project or event.

Andy offers you four options for purchasing other materials:

1. Andy can purchase and pick up materials on your behalf. This option will be billed at the agreed-upon hourly rate. Andy will add the cost of the materials to your invoice.

2. If you would like Andy’s design and consultation services, Andy can accompany you to the store, and then you can pay for the materials directly.
Andy will deliver the materials to you and complete your project.
This option will be billed at the agreed-upon hourly rate.

3. You can pick out your materials, pay for the merchandise, and either provide Andy with the receipt for pickup or advise the store to allow pickup by . Andy will deliver the materials to you and complete your project. This option will be billed at the agreed-upon hourly rate.

4. You can purchase all materials and have them ready for Andy when he arrives.

What are the payment options and terms?

 accepts cash, checks, credit cards, Venmo and Zelle.

 payment terms are 14 days from the invoice date. Late payment fees apply.
To use a credit card, click the credit card button at the bottom of the invoice Andy sends to your email address.

Checks payable to Andy Kegler Home Solutions

Venmo people: @Andy-Kegler

What is your policy for scheduling appointments & cancellations?

Please call or text Andy at (805) 570-2914 or email and complete the form below.
Andy will get back to you shortly.

All appointments are subject to confirmation. Clients must provide at least 48-hours notice for appointment cancellations. Please do so to avoid a cancellation fee.

Andy realizes that your time is valuable and will be on time.

Are you insured?

Yes. is fully insured with a general liability policy of $1,000,000 to protect your home in the unlikely event of damage or an accident. Andy works legally with a CA business license.

Can I call you on weekends or for emergencies?

Yes. Andy will do whatever is possible to help you in an emergency.

Emergency calls, weekends, holidays, and hours between 6:00 pm and 8.00 am are billed at 1.5 Andy’s hourly rate (unless specified differently in your estimate).
All service calls have a One-hour minimum.

Do you offer property maintenance and regular property maintenance plans?

 provides a broad spectrum of property maintenance and preventative services to keep your home properly maintained and functioning.
The best way to get ahead of maintenance issues before they become problems is to have Andy inspect your property on a regular schedule. That way, he can look for potential problems and apply preventative maintenance while directly updating and repairing whatever needs attention.
Andy will create a checklist with you, and you can choose to set up a regular schedule for your home, second home, or rental property.
Call, text, or email Andy for more details.

How does it work to hire you as a Personal Chef?

Let Andy bring an intimate restaurant experience, ease, comfort, and nutrition to your home!
When you book Andy Kegler’s Personal Chef services, he will fine tune your menu to fulfill your unique vision, allowing your family and friends to enjoy quality time and delicious, healthful food. You deserve to stay out of the kitchen and enjoy being a guest.

Whether you are a vegetarian, desire all organic meals, are a gourmet enthusiast, or need to be on a special diet, Andy will make sure to shop and prepare your meals accordingly. All the culinary magic will happen in your kitchen. Andy offers seasonal and varied family-style menus or beautifully plated meal options.

The only evidence left behind will be a sparkling and clean kitchen and the memories of an exceptional culinary experience in the comfort of your home.

Shopping, cooking, and cleanup are billed hourly or by project, depending on the number of guests, the event’s size, and the menu’s complexity. Groceries are billed separately.

Can I hire you for a tutorial or cooking class? Do you have gift cards?

Yes, you can.
What about a private cooking lesson, a culinary event, a couple’s date night in, or a family activity?
Spice up your week or get help on your food journey with Andy’s personalized cooking lessons and classes. Andy aims to share his love for health and food in a fun, comfortable, and friendly environment. He will be sure to tailor each tutorial and memorable culinary party to fit what skills you wish to learn, or you can pick from a variety of international themes.

Sessions for individuals or recreational groups are held in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Classes can be demonstration only or hands-on.
Think joy, ease, and nourishing, delicious tastes.

Contact Andy for a gift card and to set up your individual class or your cooking party.
Customized gift certificates can be created for any occasion.

Shopping, cooking classes, tutorials, and clean-up are billed hourly or by event, depending on the number of participants and the complexity of the menu and individual requests. Groceries are billed separately.

Do you offer Airbnb management and Home Watch services?

Yes. In addition to regular maintenance services, Airbnb and Home Watch services are designed for second homeowners, rental-property owners, and Airbnb hosts who are away from their properties for extended periods.

If you are out of town, performs scheduled inspections of your unoccupied or Airbnb properties and is available to handle any practical issues and resolve any emergency requests from guests at your home or Airbnb.

Andy will inspect your property while you are away, fixing potential problems. He will report to you to prevent or mitigate practical issues and problems with Airbnb guests. He aims to take care of your property and provide everyone with peace of mind.

 makes coming and going a breeze with his convenient arrival and departure services. Arrival services ensure your home is ready to welcome you back, while departure services ensure that your home is adequately secured and prepared for your guests once you have left for the season.

What is the benefit of hiring you as an Estate Manager?

As an estate manager, Andy strives to make your life easier. Andy manages your properties and oversees the people and processes that keep them running so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Your time is limited, and your home should be a place where you can recharge and focus on your priorities. But too often, your dream home comes with a complexity that’s hard to manage. takes care of the bigger picture of keeping your estate maintained and running smoothly.

Andy manages staff, coordinates utility companies and contractors, oversees large-scale renovations, and navigates all unexpected issues. The main benefits to hiring Andy as an estate manager are time to focus on the most important things to you and a higher quality of life where everything in your home is just as you want it to be.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every detail is covered and your properties are maintained, preserved, and protected. You can get an incredible sense of security relying on Andy’s integrity and 25 years of expertise.

Can you help me sell a home?

Yes. can.
There are numerous projects and repairs to consider as a realtor or when selling your home. In the long run, spending money upfront may increase the value of a home and demand a higher listing price.

Consider using services, especially if you are a realtor or in a hurry to sell your home. Andy has the experience to get a home market-ready using his expertise in organizing, designing, and decluttering, especially as a handyman and maintenance pro.

Can you help me pack, move, and downsize?

Moving, relocating and downsizing can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. can organize all the logistics of a significant move of your possessions, relocation or downsize.

Andy will work with you or your loved ones to determine what needs to be packed and how to pack it. He will organize all the logistics, move it, and help you decide where to put it all in your new home.

Andy can also ease your transition if you move to a smaller home or want to simplify your life. He will work to carefully assist you in sorting through your belongings and figuring out what to keep, donate, or toss.

Can you help update our home for aging in place?

Yes. Andy can. Andy provides all the maintenance, repairs, and improvements for his customers, many of whom are then able to stay in their homes and age in place. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing everything is set up with safety in mind and is age-appropriate.

Andy has your home covered with his specialized program for elders and is experienced with assisted living modifications, so you don’t need to climb ladders or exert yourself. Andy takes care of all the practical adjustments for you or your loved ones.

What do you do as an organizer?

As a professional organizer, Andy assists you in tackling those long-awaited projects and transforming your environment into the comfortable space you envision for yourself.

Organizing is about more than completely redoing your house. Andy declutters, sorts, organizes, labels, and creates functional spaces in your home. He creates spaces that reflect who you are to decrease stress and increase productivity. Andy will work with your vision and style to refresh your work or living space.

By setting up systems that work for you, Andy will help you find the clarity to enjoy, relax, and thrive in your office or home.

Do you do your work as a Handyman or a Contractor?

Andy is not a contractor in California. Andy is liability-insured and is an experienced handyman who works legally with a business license in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.

As a professional handyman, Andy is unable (due to local and California law) to perform construction work or expansive electrical rewiring projects. He can do any necessary repair, maintenance, basic electrical, and light construction tasks.

See Andy’s list of services LINK and learn more about what Andy can do for you!

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes! What a great way to say “Thank You,” “ Thinking Of You, ““Happy Birthday, “or “Happy Holidays” by giving the gift of time and support to your friends and loved ones!

Customized gift certificates can be created for any occasion.
Email the details you want to be noted in the Certificate, and Andy will send you a unique and personalized Certificate.

What do you do as a project manager?

As a project manager, Andy is responsible for organizing, planning, and overseeing the completion of work toward a defined goal.

 can oversee your remodels and maintenance projects, help you plan a kitchen, supervise the repair of storm damage, change your garage into a fitness or art studio, and help with design choices.

During each project, Andy wears many hats to ensure that the project is successful. He oversees all the details and supports the project team in executing the project on time and budget.

During the planning and execution phase, Andy seeks clarity on project scope, budget, timeline, team resources, and client expectations.

He communicates needs and questions between all parties and finds straightforward solutions until the project or event is completed.

Do you only do bigger projects? Can you fix my problems?

Andy is happy to handle your smaller To-Do list. Regardless of the size of your project, Andy can help you. All service calls have a One-hour minimum.

Andy is skilled at identifying issues and knowing the right solution, saving you time and money. He is well known for his expertise and integrity. He will also let you know if a project is not a good fit or, by CA laws, is not doable for him. Andy has a list of trusted partners, contractors, and local experts.

Andy has spent years perfecting his craft, learning the latest techniques, finding the best ingredients, tools, products, and equipment, and ensuring that every job he performs is done with care and a great love for detail.

Yes, Andy can fix your problems!

See Andy’s list of services here: LINK

What Is Your Policy Regarding Customer Satisfaction?

Yes. Andy’s goal is customer satisfaction. He wants to have you as a long-term customer and to complete each project to your utmost satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied with , please get in touch with Andy within seven days of the completion of your project and he will come back at no charge to resolve the issue.

How do you handle additional work that arises?

You would be surprised by how often this happens! Andy arrives for one reason, and another issue appears in conversation or while walking around the property. Usually, Andy can find a solution or repair an issue immediately. Sometimes, unique materials might still need to be purchased, or Andy has another appointment. In that case, he will schedule another visit with you.

What areas do you service?

  • Santa Barbara 
  • Montecito
  • Carpinteria
  • Goleta
  • Solvang * 
  • Santa Ynez *
  • Ventura *

 is a local Santa Barbara company working in all surrounding areas.

* A travel charge will be added for Solvang, Santa Ynez, Ventura projects, etc.

Call, text, or email Andy for the details at (805) 570-2914

How soon can I get an appointment?

Andy works on a schedule which varies from week to week. He likes working with his clients and fitting his service around their needs.

Sometimes, same-day service is possible. Typically, he can schedule a first appointment for the same week.

If we have communicated or I provide a list - do I have to be at home while you work?

Many of Andy’s customers feel comfortable leaving him a key or arranging access to their property so he can handle their requests or cook for their meals and events while they are away.

Andy is known to leave your home or kitchen in pristine condition. Many customers prefer to be out of town during the messier aspects of some projects.

Do you have complaints filed against you with the BBB?

No. No complaints.
Just the opposite.
You can read the reviews from Andy’s customers LINK and look at the photos of what Andy has done in the Gallery LINK to see the projects Andy has completed.

How do you handle damages that happen on the job?

Andy is well known for caring for your possessions and property and following all known safety procedures. In the unlikely event of any accident or damage, is fully insured with a general liability policy of $1,000,000 to protect your home.

What is your policy regarding confidentiality?

It is the policy of to maintain client privacy and confidentiality. Any information shared with Andy, including personal details and project specifics, will be treated with confidentiality.

All photos and testimonials published are done so with the client’s permission.