Your Home. Andys' Expertise.

Project Management & Organization?

Andy Can!

Trust Andy to oversee your project.

Do you need help planning a kitchen? Do you have a project you want an expert to supervise? Are you a realtor who wants help to get a home ready to sell?

Andy takes care of the details, turning your vision into reality. He’ll make sure it’s done right and on schedule. Save time and frustration with more of Andy’s services, be it overseeing a renovation, Airbnb services, garage organization, or moving services.

Effective project solutions. Great communication.


Andy Can!

Hand your entire to-do list to Andy.

From basic electric and plumbing tasks to intricate drywall repair and painting, from new fixtures to moving to a new house, from a clutter-free entertainment system to a pet-perfect area for Fido, Andy is ready to start your project.

One-stop home solutions.

Home Solutions

Property Maintenance?

Andy Can!

Put your home in Andy’s hands — and relax.

A sparkling fountain. Irrigation, security, and lighting systems that work. Everything is regularly inspected, maintained, and brought up to date. Andy knows how to keep your home at its absolute best.

Save time, money, and worry.

Estate Manager?

Andy Can!

Your home. Andy’s expertise.

As the operational manager, Andy handles all aspects of the continuous well-being of the property, your family, and guests. With Andy’s attention to detail, strategic thinking, and problem solving, you can rest assured that your estate will be running smoothly and is well maintained, inspected, and safe.

Andy takes care of home, owner & guests.

Home Watch Services?

Andy Can!

Andy – Your advocate during your absence.

Have you ever gone out of town and wondered…I hope the garden is ok. I wonder if we had any damage from that storm? Who can receive deliveries and be available to the needs of our guests?

Andy’s monitoring expertise, combined with over 25 years in estate management, property maintenance, and home renovation, gives you peace of mind of knowing your property and your Airbnb guests are in good hands.

When you need commitment, care, and peace of mind.

Personal Chef &
Culinary Tutor?

Andy Can!

What more can Andy do? 

How about offering a private cooking lesson or fun kid’s cooking party in the privacy of your home? Or prepare delicious family meals to your taste, saving you trips to the grocery store and hours in the kitchen. Or help with your health journey with easy plant-based meal solutions. Yes, Andy is your personal chef and culinary tutor, too.

Delicious solutions. One bite at a time. Right at home.

Andy’s List of Services

Project Manager & Organizer

Projects From Inception To Completion

Construction Project Management
Renovation Project Management

Home Upgrade Solutions

Kitchen Planning

Home Sales Assistance

Online Research & Shopping Service

Facilities Management
Airbnb Management

Kitchen Organization
Garage Organization
Office Organization

Declutter Of Home
Downsizing Consultations

Aging In Place Services
Assisted Living Modifications

Estate & Garage Sale Services

Relocation Services

Moving In/Out Services
Packing Services
Space Planning For New Home
Placement Services

Document-Shredding Services

Handyman Services*

To-Do Lists, Research & Upgrades, Repairs & Replacements


Assembly, Repairs & Upkeep

Furniture Assembly
Exercise Equipment
Office Set-Up & Equipment Assembly
Furniture Restoration
Play Houses


Set-Up & Fitting

Art & Mirror Installation
Closet Shelving
Blind Installation
Curtain Rods
Window Treatments
Hardware: Doors, Cabinets, Windows
Assisted Living Modifications
Rugs Delivery & Placement


Accent Walls, Small Rooms & Outdoor

Touch Ups
Accent Walls
Crown Molding Painting
Minor Exterior Wall Painting, Coating & Repairs
Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade
Paint, Patch Drywall & Match Texturing
Staining & Painting Fences
Staining & Painting Outdoor Furniture
Antique Refinishing


Restore, Refinish & Repair

Floor Repair & Small Installations
Garage & Shed Installations
Small Deck Repairs
Walk-In Closets
Shelves & Bookshelves
Storage Systems
Raised Vegetable Beds
Small Stair Repair
Non Structural Walls
Exterior Siding Repairs
Custom Items

Doors & Windows

Mend, Patch & Paint

New Doors
Hinge Repairs
Install Barn Doors
Screen Doors
Sliding Doors
Closet Doors
Door Locks & Hardware
Repair Cabinetry Doors
Door Weather Proofing
Door Threshold Repairs
Weather Sealing
Pet Door Installations
Window Repairs
Screen Repairs
Blind Installation & Repairs
Window Glazing
Window Pane Repairs
Curtain rods


Refresh, Install, Repair

Back Splash Installations
Cabinetry Repairs
Sink Installations
Hardware Replacements
Tile Restoration
Garbage Pull-Out
Appliance Installation
Hood/Exhaust Fan Installs
Open Shelving
Knife Boards
Pantry Build-Out


Replace, Repair & Install

Bathroom Vanity
Medicine Cabinet
Toilet Replacement
Repair & Replace Shower-heads, Faucets, Shower Heads
Shower Doors
Small Water Damage Repairs
Caulk Application To Tubs, Sinks, Bathtubs
Fixing Loose Tiles
Regrouting & Grout Removal
Fan Installation


Basic Plumbing, Repairs & Replacements

Basic Plumbing, Repairs & Replacements
Toilet Repairs
Drain Repairs
Dripping Faucets
Water Filter Install


Basic Electric, Fixtures & Repairs

Install Light Fixtures
Under Cabinet Light
Closet Lighting
Install Ceiling Fans
Recessed Lighting
Hide Cables
Electrical Switches & Outlet Replacement
Dimmer Switches
Exhaust Fans
Smoke Detectors


Installation & Troubleshooting

Wifi Set-Up
Computer Set-Up
Smart Phone Set-Up
Smart Home Device Set-Up
Mount Televisions & Hide Cables
Appliances Installation


Organize, Fix & Install

Shelving Installation
Garage Organization
Garage Floor Repairs
Garage Work Stations
Cabinet Installations
Tool Peg Boards Installations
Ceiling Rack Installations
Garage Door Maintenance


Fix, Stain, Assemble & Maintain

Small Deck Installation & Repair
Deck Staining
Balcony Repair/Resurface
Small Patio restoration
Weather Stripping
Tile Repair
Shed Assembly
Outdoor Pet Enclosure
Garden Gate Installation & Repair
Outdoor Light Solutions
Awning Repairs
Vegetable Plots & Planters
Wood Rot Repairs & Termite Repair
Paving Stones
Concrete Repairs
Stepping Stones
Crack Repair
Small Ponds & Water Features
Holiday Lights & Decorations

* As state law requires, Andy Kegler Home Solutions informs all customers that Andy is not a California state-licensed contractor but a liability-insured Handyman.

Cleaning Services

Wash, Scrub, Sanitize & Organize

Power Wash Services
Gutter Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Upholstery & Rug Cleaning
Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Cleaning
Move-in, Move-out Cleaning
Furniture Weatherproofing
Garage Cleaning
Garage Floors

Post-Construction Clean Up
Yard Clean Up
Debris Clean up
Deck Cleaning
Water Fountains
Hot Tubs
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Inside Appliance Cleaning
Bathroom Tile & Grout

Property Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance, Inspections & Repairs


1. Inspect
2. Diagnose Problems & Determine Solutions
3. Report To Owner/Realtor/Company
4. Schedule Repairs, Upgrades, Replacements

Subscription Maintenance Plans

Move-in, Move-out Inspections

Storm Preparation

Interior Inspection:

HVAC Units
Water Heater
Appliances ( Ice Machine, Vents, Hoods)
Filter Change
Furnace Service
Faucets & Shower-heads
Garbage Disposal
Smoke Detectors & Fire Extinguishers
Doors & Windows
Leaks Inside, Attic & Around Windows
Attic, Garage & Crawl spaces
Home Alarm

Exterior Inspection:

Signs Of Damage, Wear & Tear
Wood Rot & Termites
Roof & Chimney Leaks & Tiles

Animal & Pest Intrusions
Landscaping & Trees
Fire Danger
Traps & Drains
Exterior Lighting
Irrigation System
Garage Doors
Driveway & Pathways
Patio & Porch Areas
Paint Condition
Water Fountains
Water Softener
Outdoor Furniture
Pest Control
Hot Tubs
Grill Area

Estate Manager

Operational Manager Of Property

Coordinate Staff, Contractors, Vendors, etc.
Oversee Renovations & Regular Maintenance
Maintain Household Inventory
Pet Care & Schedule
Light Personal Assistant Work
Guest & Concierge Services

Holiday Decorating
Special Event Coordination & Supervision
Guest Reception & Concierge services
Travel Arrangements
Tech Support & Phone & TV Set-Up etc.
Shopping & Online Research
Medical Appointments
Vehicle Upkeep
Personal Driver

Home Watch Services

Customized Care & Service Plan For Absentee Owners

Services For Absentee Homeowners Of Primary & Secondary Homes
Detailed Regular On-Site Inspections And Walkthroughs
Schedule Maintenance & Repairs
Security Visits
Detailed Inspection Reports
Guest & Concierge Services
Severe-Weather-Event Services
Wait-Service: Deliveries

Key-Holder Services
Concierge Services
Arrival & Departure Services
Local Point Of Contact
Emergency Contact
Indoor Plants
Clear Mailbox & Forward
Golf Cart Services
Vehicle Maintenance & Upkeep
Airbnb Services

Personal Chef & Culinary Tutor

In-home Private Cooking & Classes

Private In-Home Cooking
Wellness Chef
Vegetarian Pro
Grilling Meat, Burgers & Veggies At Home

Family Buffet Event
Couples Night-In
Intimate Culinary Events
Kids Cooking Party In Your Kitchen
Appetizer & Finger Food
Charcuterie Board Party

In-House Cooking Classes For Small Groups
Family-Fun Cooking Class At Home
Couples Cooking Classes In Your Home
One-On-One Cooking Tutorials

Creative Food Presentations & Tutorials

Indoor & Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas

Kitchen Organization
Pantry Set-Up